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The band goes back to basics; electric blues quartet, 2 guitars, bass and drums. Raw, powerful, grooving rocking blues un' boogie are all present at high levels with passion and commitment.
Founder members EZ and SoZi are joined by two musicians who've been long time fans of the Blues Wire.
BIG MO (Manolis Vourakis) brings new vibes to the group. A long time friend and jam session partner of the past, spent years in the US, finished Berklee School of Music, cut his teeth in vintage American juke joints and now he is guitarizing the blues with the band he admired as a youngster.
NIKI GOURZ (Niki Gourzoulidou) is the girl who walked a long way from the times when she was sneaking at Pararlama Club to watch the band - just 14 years old! - to the proud and skillful drummer who overcharges the backbone of the Blues Wire today. The girl with the sticks seems to have come full circle. Performing with the band that inspired her to start playing music.
These musicians are truly brothers and sisters, family.
May the good God of blues bless them to play and stay.



A new release by Smile Records, a compilation of 14 songs spanning 20 years of recordings, including all original songs, many unreleased versions, demos, outakes, live work and some special gems. Don't miss it!


> Hot news for the friends of BLUES WIRE ! A live DVD – the first in group’s history – is OUT now for SALE !
The band recorded two shows in April 13 & 20 2005 at Vilka Stage in their hometown Thessaloniki. The one hour (per night) concerts were filmed and the results seemed more than promising. Click here to see the covers...


> New project, Acoustic Wire :

Ξεκινήσαμε να παίζουμε μαζί στις αρχές της δεκαετίας του 80 όταν μας έφερε κοντά η κοινή αγάπη γιά τη μουσική και τα μπλούζ ειδικότερα. Mία σοφίτα δύο τετραγωνικών μέτρων, μιά κιθάρα, ένα μπάσο και τα τραγούδια των Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Son House, ήσαν εκείνα που άνοιγαν τις πύλες γιά ταξείδια σε τόπους άγνωστους και συναρπαστικούς, με μάτια ορθάνοιχτα, ψυχές διψασμένες, καβάλα στ’ όνειρο. Tα μπλούζ μας τάισαν ψωμί, μας δώρισαν εμπειρίες, μας γνώρισαν αξίες, μας χάρισαν τη ζωή όπως τη ξέρουμε. Mε το ντουέτο αυτό θυμόμαστε την αρχή της γνωριμίας μας μαζί τους.

Hλίας Zάικος – Σωτήρης Zήσης


> Elias Zaikos teams up as a blues-guitar teacher with Philipos Nakas, the leading music school of Greece. Click here for the poster.

> Elias Zaikos makes the Dolphin his guitar of choice.
After many years of playing (and many guitars…) the Dolphin guitar by luthier Nik Huber is the new axe for BLUES WIRE leader E.Z. Thanks to good friend Stavros Ntoukas this wonderful instrument appears in every BLUES WIRE show. Check out the links and photos sections for more.

The photos on our website are taken by two outstanding artists named George Zafeiropoulos and Makis Pavlides. We thank you guys.

More news to come...