| www.guitars.gr |

›NS Guitar Workshop – Stavros Ntoukas is the owner of this little store providing smart solutions and repairs for all musicians. Stavros is a good friend, great guy and the man who introduced me to Huber guitars and Koch amps.

| www.nikhuber-guitars.com |

›Nik HUBER Guitars – The site of Nik Huber, luthier extraodinaire. Check these pages to discover a wonderful six string world.

www.koch-amps.com |

Elias Zaikos chose Koch StudioTone as his primary amplifier for the gigs and the recordings.

| www.jampedals.com |

JAMpedals fulfill everybody's expectations in buying a boutique pedal. High-quality, careful study in the original sound, ingenuity, talent !...Elias Zaikos plays with the TubeD.Dreamer, the Ripple and the Wahcko. Sotiris Zissis uses the Dyna-ssoR.

| www.intravenus.gr |

›intraVenus – A bunch of young musicians playing mature music! Good friends and talented musicians inspired by progressive rock showing the healthy and adventurous side of a new generation. Jam (our webmaster) plays guitar for the band.

| www.foko.gr |

›Explosive guitarist, prone to dramatic stylistic changes. From psychedelia to industrial avant guarde, to blues.Always on the edge.

| www.bluescargo.gr |

›Sonic brothers from Athens...

| www.djangomusic.com |
› Nice place to buy cds online-cheap too! All styles-mostly used.

| http://dmoz.org/Arts/Music |
› Try these pages to find whatever you like in music world(almost...)

| http://www.resourcesfortapers.com/registry/CDR_Traders |
› Thousands of people trading shows of artists & bands(all styles!). Interesting!

| http://www.bluesworld.com/Blueslinks.html |
› One click away from anything you can imagine! (for blues lovers)

| http://www.cdbaby.com |
› A place where you can find independed (and mostly unsigned) artists from all over the world. Worthy the time.

| http://www.thehungersite.com/ |
› Do something good through the net! Costs nothing-be a better human being...